Info on Body Centered Nontouch Psychotherapy

watercolors2004Body Centered Psychotherapy

A Body Centered Psychotherapeutic approach to well-being focuses on the body and mind as one complex energetic unit, that is constantly communicating internally and with the world around us.  Neuro-scientific research has enabled us to develop strategies used in the therapeutic process to achieve the highest level of health and wellness.  I focus on increasing a person’s sense of coherence (sense of overall balance and alert calm); self-regulation of stress states; increasing the capacity for resilience; and healing early attachment wounds that affect our current relationships.  While talk therapy and psycho-education are part of the work, it is not enough to make long term shifts in stress management, depression, increasing resilience and relationship to self and others.  Somatic Experiencing® is a gentle yet effective psychobiological approach to recovering from the debilitating emotional and physical effects of stress, overwhelm and trauma.  It focuses not only on the memories and meaning held in our conscious brain, but especially addresses the stress patterns we have developed and hold in our nervous system and other subconscious parts of our brain and body.
I also deal with attachment healing, which is developed at an early age and affects our relationship to ourselves and others, as well as our sense of safety.  The client’s needs help to determine where to begin and our areas of focus.  Skills are drawn from the fields of clinical and educational psychology, Somatic Experiencing and Focusing.
Somatic Experiencing®, (SE™) is a gentle and effective psychobiological treatment that focuses on the mind and body as essential components in healing trauma and stress related conditions.  In observing animal behavior in the wild, it is noted that humans also possess the part of the brain and nervous system that deal with threat and stress.  If being chased by a lion, we execute flight responses; or in other situations, fight or freeze and submit responses.  These responses create and release a lot of energy from our system. In our more ‘civilized’ modern world, we may experience threat such as our parents not being available when we needed them, our boss yelling at us for no good reason, financial, health or relationship threats where we are not able to complete fight, flight, freeze responses or the energy they contain.  The energy then gets bound within us and can become a high stress default system.  In others words, we are always in a high stress state, may have trouble sleeping, be easily irritated or angered, wake up feeling dread but don’t understand why, etc.