Group Therapy

1. Trauma Recovery and Empowerment group, which will start in May, 2015.  The group is open to men and women, who have done some work on their traumatic experiences and are ready to work with recovery tools.

In the group, I create a safe space for group members to acknowledge what happened to them and name it.  We won’t dwell there; but will be doing some grounding and resourcing, with a blend of Somatic Experiencing, empowerment work, art therapy, and skill building.  In the skill-building part, the focus shifts more explicitly to problem-solving and skills training, as group members address communication style, decision-making, managing out-of-control feelings, and developing safer relationships.

2.  Parents of traumatized people.  This group will start when I get enough referrals.  There is secondary trauma for parents whose children or teens have been traumatized.  The group provides a safe place for parents to talk about their own feelings in a safe place.

3.  Transgender teens.  A safe place for trans teens to come together and share about their experiences in transitioning and dealing with school and family.  This group will start when I get enough referrals.